Thursday, November 12, 2009

What time of year is it anyway?

"Potential Candidates" ACEO
Coloured pencil on Mi-Teintes
Copyright Rita Woodburne

Hi there folks,

Well, Halloween has come and gone and we're well into November and you know what that means? We're being bombarded with commercials drilling "Jingle Bells" into our skulls and store flyers featuring images of over-indulged children surrounded by toys requiring every type of battery known to mankind and houses that look like one of the National Lampoon movie sets exploded.

Yup, as they say, "Tis' the season!"

Despite the aforementioned points, Christmas is one of my favourite seasons since I enjoy decorating the tree and making cards and eating massive amounts of butter and sugar... all of which I rarely do the rest of the year. AlthoughI suppose I could, but the neighbours would probably think I was even stranger than how I normally present myself.

This year, though, there is one thing that is greatly hindering me from getting into that Christmas-y spirit. The weather.

"Bowl of Good Taste" ACEO
Coloured pencil on Mi-Teintes
Copyright Rita Woodburne

That's right. Autumn started off pretty darn chilly here in our neck of the woods and I figured that, much like last year, we would be almost knee-deep in snow by the beginning to middle of December. However, if things keep going the way they are, we'll be showing off our knees by the beginning to middle of December because it'll be so warm! The past few weeks, dare I say it, have been downright balmy and while most people seem to be enjoying it (myself included since I've been able to get caught up on my outdoor chores without dressing up like Natoonook of the North) I can't help but wonder... how do you folks in the Southern States do it!?

I mean, really, how on earth can you possibly get into the Christmas mode without cold weather and snow? Clearly you've mastered some kind of Jedi mind-control ability that the rest of us have yet to tap into.

If you wouldn't mind sharing your skills I'd greatly appreciate it because, starting this Friday, the barrage of Santa Claus parades in our area begins and I just think it's kinda odd that most kids might be in shorts and t-shirts drinking Kool-Aid rather than Winter coats and mittens drinking hot chocolate. Maybe it's just me though...

... right?


Ann said...

We are in the south here in our part of North Carolina but we are also in the mountains. Our altitude puts our climate much the same as Vermont - only with more wind,so we can get some pretty brutal Decembers! Which sometimes make a location like Florida look pretty darn good even if Santa is wearing shorts! :-)

So good to see you back posting again! I have missed seeing your beautiful cp drawings. These are wonderful as usual!

Rita said...

Thanks Ann! :)

I guess being in North Carolina you get a good mix of weather too... but, from the sounds of it, remind me never to visit there in December! :o

Jennifer Rose said...

it does seem odd to have a warm xmas when you are so use to one with snow or cold. hasn't really snowed here, its been cold a few times but mostly its just a lot of rain. might have to make the reindeer wear those little umbrella hats to stay dry :p

it would be odd tho to see santa in the toronto parade wearing shorts and shades.

Rita said...

Thank goodness Santa wasn't wearing shorts in the T.O. parade!

We haven't had any snow yet either. In fact, we've barely had any rain this month too which is odd. I'm chalking it up to the lousy Summer we had but I'd still like a few flurries or something to get into that Winter/ Christmas spirit. :/