Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm up and running

Well, no embarrassing stories to tell and while I suspect that there may be a few embarrassing pics floating around I have yet to find them. I was rather busy on wedding day but I know there were many people armed with cameras and once I find out who has the most embarrassing pics you better believe I'll be more than happy to post them... unless I'm in them, of course. :)

"Signs of Autumn" ACEO
Coloured pencil on Mi-Teintes
Copyright Rita Woodburne

I have some excellent news to share and that is that my website is up and running again (thanks Mike!) and can be found at My e-mail address has also changed to so if you have e-mailed me in the past 2 weeks or so and haven't heard back please re-send the e-mail to the address above and I'll get back to you ASAP. I'm not ignoring you... honest.
The reason for the name change (from .com to .ca), and the reason the first site went down, was that it had been taken over by a squatter. Said squatter wanted/ wants $250 to get the domain name back which tells me that they are blissfully unaware of just how much of an income artists actually make. My brother has been in conversation with said squatter and I told him to pass along the message that if the squatter would like to purchase some art, $250 or more, I will be more than happy to buy the domain name back.

Lesson learned. Don't let your domain name renewal lapse.

The funny (and not in a 'ha-ha' way) thing about all of this is that ultimately this frustration and aggravation all goes back to Bell. It's a long story but if you've been following this blog for any length of time you'll know that Bell has become the never- ending thorn in my side. *sigh*

Oh well, all has been resolved and I once again have a website. I've also been churning out a few more ACEO's and I'm finding I'm really getting into still-lifes... but that's for another post. So stay tuned, dear reader, for another art update shortly!


Sylvia Jenstad said...

had to stop... love your pumpkin... fall is really here... I also love 'A Warm Welcome'

Lisa B. said...

I love your most recent ACEOs. The still life genre suits you!

Sorry about the squatter, but I'll bet he sits on it a long, long time. I hope he gets hemorrhoids.

Rita said...

Hi Sylvia! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliments on my work.
Fall is definitely here, I have the crunchy leaves underfoot to attest to it! ;)

Thanks Lisa, I'm really enjoying these still lifes and I've got oodles of ideas rolling around my noggin.
I was miffed about the squatter but had to laugh at your comment, my sentiments exactly.

Ann said...

These ACEOs are wonderful! I look forward to more still lifes from you :) Sorry about the squatter - what a pain.

Rita said...

Thanks Ann! The weather looks lousy this week-end so I'm hoping to get a chance to work on some more still-life pieces.
What can I say about the squatter other than they'll be hard pressed to get any money from me! ;)