Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wolf WIP: Part 2

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Copyright Rita Woodburne

So today I'm going to do another post on my wolf WIP. Just to re-cap, this is where it was left last week, in the very beginning stage:

Copyright Rita Woodburne

This is where it is now:

Copyright Rita Woodburne

And a close up of the eye...just 'cause I like doing eye close ups and because I feel that the eyes are so imparative to getting a good animal picture (although there's still more to do with the eye):

Copyright Rita Woodburne

At this point (I'm working with Prisma's on black Mi-Teintes) I've gone over the entire face with Warm Grey 30% and the neck area with Cool Grey 70% and Warm Grey 70% over top of that. Also, just to I don't lose my lights as I'm blocking areas in I went over the highlights with White again, this time with much more pressure.
I've also taken both Periwinkle and Slate Blue and marked in some shadows in front of the eye (as can be seen above) as well as on the bottom jaw. I've used the blue to show highlighting on the wolf's nose as well as a touch of Clay Rose. This piece is now on the cusp of what's known as "the ugly stage" and, unfortunately, with cp's the ugly stage lasts a long time. Hopefully that won't be the case with this one and instead it will flow blissfully to completion (hey, I can dream, can't I?)

That where I'll leave it for today. The biggest challenge I can perceive at this point is getting some good definition and a real sense of "fur" in the area around the wolf's neck and making sure that the ears don't look too chunky. In the ref I'm using the lighting isn't so great and the ears look a bit too fuzzy for my liking so I'd like to figure out a way to make them look a bit cleaner. Something to mull over for next week.

If you're feeling so inclined, dear reader, as I'm doing the WIP's feel free to comment along the way. Things you like about the piece, things you don't like and things you're looking at and saying to yourself "What the heck is she doing?".

What the heck am I going to do now? Why, I'm going to go decorate a Christmas tree, that's what. Until Friday, keep on art-ing!


Jennifer Rose said...

Decorating a Xmas tree already?!?!

I really like the Wolf as it is now, very ghost like. It does look a little more like a dog than a wolf, but I don't think that really matters. :)

Rita said...

Yup, decorating already. ;)
I figure if I'm going to put in all this time decorating I want it up long enough to enjoy it. At least I don't have one of those giant inflatable snowmen on my front lawn (ick!)

Meg Lyman said...

I love the WIPs! It's great to see how other artists work.

I like that you're using the blue in the shadows. Push the color! ;) Great job with the eye and the fur direction.

Rita said...

Thanks Meg,

I'm still trying to have fun with colour and figure out ways to incorporate it into my work.

The fur is the next road block...:D