Friday, November 23, 2007

The Signal

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Happy Friday, dear reader!

Almost all of us have seen it while out driving. There's a person on a Harley in front of you. There's someone on a Harley in oncoming traffic. As they pass each other they put their hand up at one another. It's almost like they're giving each other a high five as they pass one another without actually making contact, which is probably for the better because if they did I suspect there would be some sort of collision...but I digress.

It's the secret handshake of bikers. I've seen people who drive particular cars do this as well, like folks driving Corvettes, classic cars and, yes, even Jaguars. It's the hand signal for: "Yes, you're like me and we are in the same clique by association of our choice of transportation, the secret (insert your vehicle of choice here) clique."

Okay, I get it. You think you're cool and want others to know it without actually saying it and coming across as a pompous arse. So here's where it gets weird.

I drive a Hyundai Santa Fe. It's a smaller SUV and has served me well in safely transporting the Other Half and I to wherever we may be travelling to, getting my art gear to and from shows, hauling hay from various barns to feed my horse and is, for an SUV, very economical on gas. I love my Santa Fe, but it's hardly one of those "cool" vehicles. You know, the ones with sleek lines, a cool name (like 'Viper' or 'Denali' or 'Maserati') and even headlights that look cool. After all, Hyundai isn't exactly known as a maker of high-end sports cars and many moons ago when I first started driving I can remember someone making a crack about Hyundai's being made out of recycled pop cans (due to their rather poor performance in crash tests).

So imagine my surprise when the other day I was driving along in my Santa Fe and I passed another Santa Fe driver and they gave me "the signal". At first I didn't think much of it. I live in a strange area anyway and folks are doing questionable things in public all the time. It was when it happened a second time that it occurred to me that perhaps there was some special Santa Fe club that I wasn't told about when I purchased my SUV. I don't remember the dealer saying: "Just sign here, here and here. Oh, and you'll need to know that the secret signal is..." That never happened, I can assure you.

I'd give you a play by play of what the signal is but, quite frankly, the signal isn't even cool. It looks more like the person is experiencing some kind of brain fart while trying to do sign language. I don't want to be associated with such a thing.

I'm keeping my Santa Fe but I suppose now that I've divulged the secret I'll be kicked out of the club, not that I was a member in the first place...and that might not be such a bad thing after all.

Enjoy your week-end!!


Lisa B. said...

I think those Hyundais are pretty cool, and I'd love to have something big enough for both me AND the dog!

Rita said...

It's a good little SUV, and it definitely accomodates myself and Rosebud. I can't complain really...I'm just glad it's not a minivan. :p