Monday, May 14, 2007

Completed Bill

So finally Bill is done...or rather the ACEO of Bill is done. Bill himself is currently out on a killing spree. Ah, it must be Spring...

Above you can see the final result. I went back over the entire piece and darkened my darks by adding in Indigo Blue and Black. On some of the edges of the dark areas I added in a bit of Black Cherry again. In around his nose and mouth I added in Goldenrod, Jasmine and for punches of colour there’s also some Raspberry and Kelp Green. I’ve also added the Kelp Green to the spaces between his eyes and ears (his eyebrows? Do cats have eyebrows??) and a touch here and there to his back. For the highlighted areas I just went over it lightly with Cool Grey 20%.
For the wee bit of shadow beneath him I just used Cool Grey 50% and 70% as well as a light covering of Blue Slate. There wasn’t much else to do with it because it’s a shadow on a white bed, it shouldn’t be complicated. After that I went over it with the White and made sure that everything blended together.

So that’s it for this ACEO and it'll be up for auction on eBay tonight.
I got gobs of pictures at the show this week-end so I should have enough horse reference material for at least a little while. The Other Half got some doozy shots of this one black horse that was on edge the entire time, prancing around and calling to just about every horse he walked was great! So, if you’ll excuse me, I have some more art to do!


Jennifer Rose said...

Your ACEO of Bill looks lovely :D
And they have eyebrows as long as they don't get shaved off (people do some stupid stuff):p

Regula Scheifele said...

What a beautiful ACEO - would be great to see a bigger version as well. And I appreciate you lsiting the colours you used.
It has been quite a while since I took out my CPs but this really makes me take them out again ;-)

Rita said...

Jennifer- Thanks for the compliments! I figured cats had eyebrows...but it's not obvious like it is with dogs, is it? A cat with shaved eyebrows, hmmmm....

Amira- Thanks for the compliments, Bill thinks he's a supermodel now. Go ahead and break out the cp's, once you get started again I'm sure you won't want to put them down, except maybe to get some chocolate! ;)

Regula Scheifele said...

LOL on the chocolate - that's probably the only thing that might lure me away... and a nice cappuccino perhaps.