Friday, May 11, 2007

Not MIA This Time...

Welcome back, dear reader. So the Bill ACEO is going to become a three-parter because the battery on my camera is dead and needs charging and because this is the only free time I have to post today the rest of it will have to wait until Monday. So for the tiny update on my ACEO:

I've added Bronze all over the face and in parts of the body. I've also gone over the darkest parts of his markings with black and the slightly lighter parts with Dark Brown. Since I was itching to use some more ping-y (that's a technical term dontcha know) colour I threw in some Light Cerulean Blue on the highlights and it's at this point that I must admit that currently I'm completely infatuated with adding Black Cherry to my darks. I just love the richness I get from using it and it really gives warmth to the areas that you add it to.
To give more shape and emphasis to his face I've added more Yellow Ochre and I've also thrown in Goldenrod and Jasmine. With this particular picture I'm not too concerned with going for drama with dark shadows and bright lights partly because I don't really feel that this one needs it and also because, as mentioned before, my ref pic was so darn icky.

So that's where I have to leave this one for today since I couldn't pull the last picture off in time. I know, the suspense will kill you over the week-end but just think of what you'll have to look forward to on Monday!

So, because it's Friday I'd like to end off the week on a happy-go-lucky note. I'd like to remind you, dear reader, of the Equine Expo I'll be at tomorrow. There's gong to be oodles of demonstrations and vendors as well as, you guessed it, horses. You can find out more info at the Uxbridge Horseman's Association website which can be found here. Drop by and say 'Hi'.. heck, you can even buy some of my art!

For all the Mom's out there that work their hineys off to make sure that children are fed, clothed, safe and cared for I hope you have a great Mother's Day. Enjoy your week-end!


Susan Borgas said...

I have had a wonderful Mothers Days myself :D Your kitty is coming along beautifully and look forward to the final finish.

By the way, I have tagged you if you would like to join in. Just follow the following link. to see what it is all about.

mrana said...

Wow this is gorgeous already! And it's a twin to my twins (a triplet then?) ... one of whom, by coincidence, I've just drawn as my first attempt at cats ( Am looking forward to seeing this completed.

Rita said...

Glad to hear your Mother's Day was great Susan! I'm hoping to wrap Bill up tomorrow morning, he had another photo shoot today!
Thanks for tagging me, I'll play along because, quite frankly, I get a kick out of things like that. We have more in common than I realized (aside from art you know!) ;)

mrana- love the pose your kitty has! For a first attempt at a cat you've done a super job and I've gotta say that the cushion you've done is an eye catcher as well. Keep on truckin with the cp's!

Susan Borgas said...

I look forward to your post Rita. The stories are great but also I am finding new blogs as well that are now listed in my RSS reader. Means two cups of coffee to read them all instead of one...LOL