Monday, May 14, 2007

I've...been tagged!

It would seem, dear reader, that over the week-end I was tagged by Australian artist Susan Borgas. Far be it from me to turn down an opportunity to play along and with that in mind I’m going to go ahead and fulfill my tagging obligation.
The rules of being tagged state that I have to let you folks out in bloggerville 7 things about me that you don’t know and then at the end of this post provide you with the names of seven other people whose blogs I’ve tagged. Sound like fun? Sure it is, let’s get started:

1- Although some folks already know this (out of necessity), I’m epileptic. My parents found out when I was knee high to a grasshopper and while the form of epilepsy I had, Petit Mal, was supposed to disappear by the time I hit puberty I guess my body wanted to throw everyone for a loop and instead it developed further causing me to have Grand Mal seizures. Go Grand(big) or go home, I say.
While having this condition really hasn’t hindered me greatly in any way there are some things that I’ll never be able to do such as scuba dive, bungee jump, sky dive or fulfill my life long dream of driving a big rig. I also try to make a point of telling people that I have epilepsy in case I do have a seizure so they’ll call 9-1-1 instead of thinking that I’m doing some horrible rendition of a break-dancing routine.

2- Like Susan, I have a fear of spiders. Although I’ve never clobbered the Other Half in the middle of the night when dreaming about them, there was one instance when I was half-asleep and one scurried across my head in the middle of the night. I immediately woke up flailing my arms wildly and I spent the rest of the night sitting up in the living room with a blanket around me darting my eyes from one corner of the room to the other lest the 8-legged beasts attack me unsuspectingly .

3- I have tattoos. They’re in strategically located areas so if I need to make myself presentable to Conservative folks or elderly people that think a female with tattoos is a sign of the Apocalypse, I can. I’ve also been offered jobs on several occasions to do tattoo work and while it is very tempting, at this point in time I have too much on my plate, although my work adorns several people already.

4- In relation to number 3, one of my tattoos is particularly profound and special to me. I got the tattoo after I “returned” to doing art and it’s a very simple piece of the last line drawing I did before I went on my hiatus from art many years ago. I won’t say much more than that other than there’s a very important date drawn in with the tattoo.

5- I’m a first generation Canadian. Both my parents are immigrants with my Dad being from Belfast, Ireland and my Mom, although she’s Latvian, was born in Argentina. I’ve been to Ireland and one day I’d love to go to Latvia and Argentina but I would never trade living in Canada for anything in the world, this country is my home.

6- I love studying Medieval and World War Two history. I’m not really sure why and, quite frankly, some things are just best left unquestioned.

7- Finally, I’ve seen every single episode of “Leave It To Beaver”...about 5 times. It’s very embarrassing to admit and at the same time I share this like a demented badge of honour. I can even recall the tune to the theme song and portions of the voice over during the intro “...and Jerry Mathers as The Beaver.” (Music) Do, do, duh, do-do-do. Duh, do-do, do-do, dooo da-do. Due to this over-exposure to the Ward, June, Wally and The Beav’ it’s caused me to use words like “jeepers”, “golly”, “nifty” and “swell” as part of my day- to- day vocabulary.
It’s all very sad, really...

So there you have it, 7 things you probably didn’t know about me.

Gosh, most of the people I would’ve tagged have been tagged already so that leaves me in the lurch. Tell ya what, if you’re reading this and you’d like to be tagged then just e-mail me or leave a comment directing people to your blog...we’d all like to read up about you!


Lisa B. said...

Golly Rita, I think it's just swell that you posted these nifty vocabulary words. I'd forgotten about "jeepers!" I'll be sure to use it every chance I get from now on.

Rita said...

That'd be just peachy keen Lisa! ;)