Saturday, March 03, 2007

Purple Looks Good Too...

"Taking A Chance" ACEO can be bid on here.

Thanks for coming back, dear reader. I'm assuming you're anxious to see this work that has taken me 7 months and the journey through a project to complete.
Before I post the final piece I'm going to post the stage that it was left (some might say abandoned) at. When it got to this point it sat and sat and sat some more. At one point I even considered tossing it in the fireplace because I hate it when unfinished works look at me mockingly. However, somthing told me that I needed to keep this one. Here's how it was left:

Looks okay but I knew there was something missing and holding me back from completing it. I can't even count the number of people I asked (artists and non alike) what they thought it needed. Punch up the colours? Add in a background? What kind of background? Don't include a background? Change the colouring in the horse? Stick my finger in my eye and be done with it?
Okay, that last one was a question I asked myself.
Anyway, I got some great suggestions which I stored away in my mental rolodex for future pieces. For the past month, while working on the VG project, I started to get an idea for the horse and the background. I also took a cue from my "accidental" VG horse, Peat, that I completed not too long ago. The end result of my pondering is this:

I'm happy with this. Very happy. Not only did I finish a piece that had just about defeated me but I was also much more liberal with my colours. I was fun like nobody's business!

So there you have it. I suspect that many of my pieces will be adopting a more colourful appearance. Not wacky colouring, but they'll have more punch to them and I suspect I'll get a lot more enjoyment from my art.

I hope you see what I see, dear reader. Back on Monday with more adventures in art!


Kristina said...

Rita!!! Chance looks great! You really got some of his characteristics that makes Chance Chance. And the colouring on the mouse is spot on! Very impressive! Do you mind if I advertise it on my blog site? I don't really know how to but if I find out I wanted to ask you if you minded. I'll attach the link too if anyone wants to buy it! That's if you say ok!!! Great job!

Rita said...

Go ahead Kristina! I loved doing this picture of him (it was an excuse for me to use my oranges and yellows :D) 'cause let's face it, how many pictures of a cat with a mouse on it's head does one really get to do?