Friday, March 02, 2007

At Long Last

Hello dear reader. I bet you thought I'd been taken back by the Mother Ship or been hopelessly over-drugged by the dentist. Nope, although that last one might've been appreciated.
I must first apologize as it seems last night when I went to post my finale to VanGogh, Blogger decided it would be better to burp in my face rather than co-operate and let me finish up my project. So, with that in mind I hope you will understand the delay.

Below you'll find the sketches leading up to my final piece. A pencil sketch, a detail from the pencil sketch and lastly a colour study. Keeping in mind that things got tweaked along the way (and my significant distaste for pre-planning) the final does, of course, look slightly different. I know, 'Shut up Rita and show us the pictures already!'...

So those are the skecthes, read into them what you will. Below is the final product and after that I'll share my thoughts on the whole darn thing.

Okay, so to be perfectly honest I don't like the final piece. When I did the pencil sketch I felt it for this piece, all the potential. By the time I got to the colour study I was teetering and when I finally got around to the final I was flat. There was nothing left in this to excite me.
This goes back to working style. I've never been a planner when it comes to art. I look at something, decide if I'd like to tackle it and then have at 'er. If it works, that's super. If not, I trash it or burn it and move on. Pre-planning, for me, doesn't work and sucks the fun out of what I'm doing.
Now I should back-track a bit because I'm sure some of you are saying 'But you said in a post of yore that you did pre-plan, what gives?' I know I said that (or rather typed it to be exact) and what's worth noting is that I said I pre-planned in my head...which is exactly what I did with this piece before the pencil sketch. That's why I felt it for the pencil sketch and by round two I wanted to burn it in effigy. I suspect I'm going to wind up taking this final piece and tweaking the bejeezus out of it in a month or so. Right now I'm going to hide it away in my studio lest it corrupt my further work.

On a much more positive side there have been a huge number of benefits I've gotten from this project, namely I've conquered my fear of pushing colour. I'm sure I still have a ways to go but the freedom that came with slapping down a layer of 'Mulberry' on something that has no business bearing a colour with such a name was a fantastic feeling. It even allowed me to finish a piece that had been haunting me since last August...AUGUST!!! So tomorrow I'll be posting the before and after of that piece and hopefully you too will be able to see what I mean.

Before I sign off I'd like to give you an update on my tooth which a good number of you have sent your concern/ condolences my way. The dentist told me that the wisdom tooth can stay, although he did say that they could pull it anyway if that's what I'd prefer. I could just see the little dollar signs glittering in his eyes. I told him I'd rather opt for a full frontal lobotomy than have someone rip open my gums and remove a tooth the size of a raspberry. That said, with all the poking and prodding around in my mouth that they did with their shiny little weapons of torture I was inclined to think that they had removed the wisdom tooth without doping me up first. I was very ouchy and had to resort to consuming liquids again.
At any rate, I was happy that there was room in my mouth for the additon of another member to my little dental family and as I drove home clutching the side of my face I heard something on the radio that, despite my pain, made me grin: February 28th is Tooth Fairy Day. Indeed it is.

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