Monday, March 19, 2007

Bord Silly

"Thanks For Looking" ACEO can be bid on here.

Welcome back, dear reader. No, my spelling capabilities haven't abandoned me. In the title I'm making reference to Ampersand Pastelbord (their typo, not mine), a surface that I suspect I'm going to love just as much as Colourfix.
I got my hands on some about two weeks ago and it wasn't until last week that I decided to try it out. The piece I have below is 5x7", was done on the "Sand" coloured board and all in all I have to say that for a first attempt on a new support I'm pretty tickled about how it came out. It's quite toothy like Colourfix but not as gritty and, being a board, when I go to frame it I won't need glass over top. This will be a great boon for when art fair/show season starts up people visiting my booth won't have to do the "bob and weave" to avoid the glare that is inevitable with glass. Anyway, there's the piece below:

I'm also throwing in a close up:

Hey, when I said close up I meant close up. It's a bit fuzzy but you can see how smoothly the pencil went down which was a bit of a problem with Colourfix, for me anyway.
I have several more boards so I plan to find suitable subjects for them (I've already started on another one). A lot of my eagerness is coming from the prospect of being able to frame these without glass. I know, artists get excited over the oddest things...

Anyway, I have quite a few commissions to get done so I should really stop goofing around on the interweb and get down to work. I'll be doing another WIP (of an ACEO) next week when I find a super duper horsey subject to use. It's a toss up between a proper equestrian piece (ie- the horse is actually working) or something a bit more fantasy like. I'm so indecisive...

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