Monday, February 26, 2007

It Hasn't Happened Yet.

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If you'll indulge me today dear reader I'd like to take some time out to rant. I know what you're thinking: "Really Rita? You have something to complain about?" I know it's a shock, but try not to be too flabbergasted.
My source of discontent comes from the ever enjoyable task of shopping, more specifically clothes shopping. Now, any woman can tell you that shopping for clothing can be fun (with the exception of bathing suit shopping) and when done in groups of three or more females can take at least one day. It's an endurance event that should be given Olympic status. That said, there are times when shopping can go horribly awry.

My case in point came when I went shopping by myself for a pair of jeans. I went from store to store with no avail. What kind of topsy turvy world are we living in where shopping for denim has become some sort of search and rescue mission?
My problem is this, I'm considered tall for a female, 5' 8.5" to be exact, so pants must be of a certain inseam length so my ankles don't catch a draft. What I found out when I went looking for said pair of pants is that unbeknownst to me I'm living in an area of short people. Pants only come in one length here: short. I must admit that I found this out when we first moved here and I went shopping for pants and ran into the same problem. I guess I was just hoping more tall people would move to the area and drive up the demand for longer pants. I hasn't happened yet.
Females in particular seem to suffer with this situation more than men. Men, after all, are generally tall and for those that are exceptionally tall there are stores such as "Big & Tall". Now let's face it, no woman wants to walk around with a shopping bag with the name "Big & Tall" on it. Something more flattering like "Voluptuous & Tall" would work better, or even better "Voluptuous & Statuesque"...yes, that would do just fine. Guess what? It hasn't happened yet.

At the end of the day I remedied my problem by buying a pair of jeans that were a size larger so they sit lower on my hips ('below the waist' turned into 'middle of the hip') and also cover my ankles. Basically I look like some sort of 90's B-Boy reject that got lost in the country. What can I do? I live on a farm and the animals don't care what I wear unless I'm dressed up as a carrot...and thankfully that hasn't happened yet either.

On a VanGogh project related note I just wanted to let you know that I may not post my final work until Thursday. My wisdom tooth has decided to keep growing and in a direction that is causing me some concern. I'm caving and going to the dentist late on Wednesday to have them flash gamma rays at the side of my face to determine whether or not it needs to come out. Hopefully it doesn't but I'm bracing myself for it nonetheless. On that note, I'll sign off because I'd like to go wash my pants about 20 times in the hope that they shrink a bit and fit me properly. Toodles!


artist said...

I have the same problem. If I'd wanted capris (flood) pants, I would've asked for them. Why is it that men get such a variety of inseams while we women suffer with short, or way-too-short?

Hope the tooth fairy is good to you-
Lisa B.

Rita said...

Hi Lisa,

I may start shopping at a men's store in protest of the lack of suitable tall women's wear. Sitting down is even worse because the hem just keeps rising. I guess I could just buy really tall socks, right?

I hope the tooth fairy is in a good mood tomorrow too!