Friday, February 09, 2007

We're told it's healthier...

"The Focus" ACEO can be bid on here.

Well, it's Friday dear reader. Oddly enough, it doesn't feel like a Friday though...more like a Wednesday. Don't you think? I won't comment on Survivor from last night other than to say that I can already see the potential for some type of violence to erupt between players this season. That, in and of itself, should make it worth watching.

So yesterday I cast Vincent aside and instead regailed you with a story. Today I will once again be VanGogh free and instead will share with you some more odd news that is art related ("odd" and "art" in the same sentence, who would've thunk it?)
So I was again listening to the local radio morning show as I was working on my art and they, on occassion, like to share various news stories from around the world humerous or otherwise. This particular story was the kind of thing that perpetuates the notion that artists are not just a breed apart but the kind of breed apart that you avoid making direct eye contact with.
It seems that there is an artist in South America (I can't remember where exactly) who has had it with the plastic surgery industry and the perpetuation of the "skinner is better" attitude. To make a statement against this industry with his art he decided to do the following:
*be warned at this point that if you have an overly vivid imagination and a weak stomach you should probably*

He made meatballs. Not just regular meatballs but meatballs made of untrimmed ground beef...just laden with fat. Yum, right? Well, he decide to fry those human fat, his human fat that had been liposuctioned from him. He also ate one of those meatballs and made a point of saying that they were quite tasty and, thanks to a nutritional evaluation, found out they were lower in fat than meatballs found in restaurants and grocery stores. He has also stated that it's not considered cannibalism if you're consuming art. This artist has been so kind as to package up these meatballs in 10's and will be made available for purchase for a penny-pinching $40,000 a package. Well, hey, if it cuts down on my cholesterol...

On that note I'm going to sign off so that you can either go scratch your head over that one or throw up, your choice. I'll be back tomorrow, disgusting news stories aside, and will return to my VanGogh explorations. I'm going to go eat a carrot, enjoy your Friday!


Susan Borgas said...

Ewww!!!! One way to get a return on his money he paid for the liposuction.

Rita said...

I know, gross, eh?
Making "a statement" was one thing...but to go and actually eat it? Just thinking about it makes my stomach turn. Blah!