Thursday, February 08, 2007

You May Be Right

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Aloha dear reader. I'm going to lay off Vincent for today, I've been saving up ridiculous information and stories for the past week now and I can't contain myself any longer. Besides which, there's still the entire month of February to wax poetic on dead artists...oh, and the new edition of Survivor starts tonight, I can't wait!!

So today I had to go out and pick up some more things for my gallery/ studio space (which is almost done and is that much closer to being named). I had to make a trip over to Sears and as I strolled through the store it struck me...I live in a town/ city that has a large elderly population. I like elderly people, they're crammed full of wisdom and stories and make me feel useful when they can't figure out how to work the instant digital photo development machine in Wal-Mart and have to ask me to help them. Gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling.
That said, I'm occassionally baffled my them as well. True, there are those that are exceptionally aged and are confusing because they aren't, well, coherent anymore. Unfortunate yes, but one of those things that happens to some of us as we age. That's an obvious sort of reason to become confused. Today though, was another sort of eldery induced confusion.

I was looking at some clothing in the men's section thinking that my other half, who works incredibly hard and has some work clothing that is well beyond repair, may need some new work clothes or just some nice new clothes in general. As I was perusing the hoodie selection I glanced over and saw two women who looked to be in their late sixties to early seventies who were also looking at clothing, presumably for their husbands. They made their way over to one display that had golf shirts on it and the one woman started giggling and pulled her friend over to show her the thing that tickled her funny bone. I tried to see what it was but couldn't. I do love a good funny shirt so I waited until they left and walked over to see what had been so amusing. I looked. Nothing. At the risk of looking like a complete wacko I circled the display to see if there was something else that I was missing here. A funny sign? Had the funny shirt fallen on the floor? Was it actually a funny pair of shorts? Nope.
Keep in mind that while I was doing this the Billy Joel song "You May Be Right" was playing over the speakers, you know, the one that has the lyrics "You may be right, I may be crazy/ Oh! But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for." Isn't it funny how the world unfolds just oh so appropriately? Here I was searching for some inanimate/ intangible/ nonexistent(?) object of hilarity and I had my own theme music playing.

Like I said, I like eldery people but on occassion find them confusing. I didn't find anything that struck me as funny and I know that this will bother me for the remainder of the day, at least until I find something else to distract myself with. Maybe they were laughing because the golf shirts were orange? Yes, that must be it...

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