Monday, January 29, 2007

Tungsten you say?

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Hola dear reader! So Monday is here and another work week begins. There is much to do this week for myself what with Summer approaching and all. Don't laugh or look at me like's true. Now that Winter is here it only means that Summer is coming.
I have applications to juried art shows to send out and RSVP's to ones I've been invited back to. I have artwork to create and commissions to finish. I need to plan out my vegetable garden and order the appropriate seeds for it will soon be time to start them. I need to buy the fixtures for my "Un-named" gallery (maybe that should be its name??) so I can start hanging my work. Oh yeah, and I need to vaccuum again because my spiffy lime green vaccuum conked out on me on Friday. It seems it ate too much dog and cat hair...these things happen. Yup, a busy week. I'm sure I've forgotten lots of things that will come back to me on Friday!

So I was listening to the radio this morning and there's a local jeweller that advertises frequently on this know, the one with the "Impossible Trivia" game. I won't mention the jewellers name (unless they want to give me free diamonds or emeralds) but they had an ad on today, a portion of which I found funny.
Now, before I relay this to you I'll be the first to admit that I'm not up and up on all the big Wedding trends. My other half and I aren't married and all that girly marital pomp and circumstance stuff makes me physically ill. What I am aware of is that yellow gold is no longer in vogue and that white, rose and lighter yellow gold is the "in" thing for all the hip and trendy soon to be wedded people. Even better than gold you can (probably for an extra paycheque) go for platinum or titanium. That sounds nice, doesn't it? Sounds strong and durable...exactly what a marriage should be! So this is where my easily amused nature comes in...
The woman that owns the store does the commercials. She's a petite, well put together woman with long blond hair...just the kind of person you'd expect to introduce themselves at dinner parties as a gemologist. She has a voice to match that is quiet and re-assuring which I'm assuming is what you'd like to hear when you're about to drop an amount of cash that could feed a small nation. She began the commercial talking about the upcoming wedding season and "...what will you cherish years after your special day? Your wedding bands. Find that special symbol of your love and have it created in yellow, white or rose gold. We also have bands available in platinum, titanium or tungsten." I'm sorry...did she just say "Tungsten"? Every time I hear that word I think of bugs or heavy farm equipment. Now you folks preparing for wedded bliss maybe knew that tungsten was the new symbol of unity but for me this was new.
I can just picture the newly married girly girls sitting around a table chattering away:

"Oh Sarah! What a lovely wedding band you have!"
"Why thank you. It's tungsten you know."
"Really! Well, you certainly are a lucky girl!"

Lucky indeed...


Maggie Stiefvater said...

Oh, I laughed my butt off about this . . . it's oh so true, too. I always joked before I was married that the priest at my wedding would have to utter the words "With this indoor arena I thee wed . . . "

rings, smrings.

Rita said...

Hey! You might be onto something there...
If the other half and I ever get married I've already told him explicity that the ceremony will be taking place in the barn and instead of a ring I want a round-pen. Hey, it's a ring shape, right?