Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My 1300 lb. Lawn Ornament

"The Man- Al Mansur Primo"- 5x7 coloured pencil: Artist's Personal Collection

So dear reader I have for you today a picture that is mine...all mine!! It's a small piece I did of my horse Al Mansur Primo, aka- Al or 'Al Monster' as I lovingly call him sometimes (usually after he's gotten into trouble).
I took the ref picture for this piece about a year and a half ago one morning when I went out to feed. I loved the picture so much and I knew I would want to do it as a piece for myself but the time was never right. I've tried doing several pictures of him, none of which have ever turned out to my satisfaction and as a result made their way into the fireplace. I guess it's that problem you hear time and time again from artists (not always) that it's difficult to do portraits of people/ animals you have a personal relationship with. Or rather it's difficult for the artist to do it to their satisfaction. There are still things in this picture I tell myself "...oh, this isn't right" or "This is off", blah, blah, blah... then I have to tell myself to quit being such a fiddly perfectionist.
Overall I'm pleased with this one and it will not be going in the fireplace but rather into a frame where it will be placed somewhere on my wall to remind myself why I work so darn tootin' hard.

I must also take a page from what I like to call the 'Kanye West Book of Shameless Self- Promotion' (does that man ever stop tooting his own horn??) and remind you of my Absolutely Insane Animal Portrait Auction that I have going on here at my eBay. For goodness sakes this isn't going to last forever...only until February 7th to be exact so get your hot little fingers clicking on over to it and bid!

Other than that I'll spare you my silly stories for today and on Friday expect a fantabulous artsy fartsy update with...(drumroll please) graphite sketches!! My first love, graphite/pencil, will be making an appearance here. So until then, toodles!

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