Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A small update

The ACEO "Mirage" can be bid on here.

Buenos Noches, dear reader ( do you like the variation I have going on here?).
I have just a small update today in terms of art and life in general. It's funny that after the Holidays most people have the notion that life will slow down slightly, everything will take on a more relaxed pace but it is not so. What turns out happening is all the tasks you thought of over the Holidays come crashing down on you, like some sort of ten tonne "To Do" list from Hades (you know what I meant to type there).
Ah yes, all the tedious, yet neccessary, tasks from a month a half of goofing off come back to haunt you...just like those 5 pounds you lost from last Christmas after indulging in too many sweets and apres- December 25th turkey sandwiches. That's what my life has been like for the past two weeks, except replace the turkey sandwiches with turkey soup. I have a crock-pot and I'll be darned if I'm going to let that dark meat go to waste!
There were rooms to paint, calls to be made, paperwork to be done and tax forms to fill out (my favorite! they're not). However, despite the Post- Christmas chaos and my lack of preparation it will soon come to an end and a whole new set of "To- Do's" can fill my list. After all, "Show Season" isn't too far off and I just know I'm not prepared for that!

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