Friday, January 19, 2007


"The Gaze of Sushi" ACEO can be bid on here.

Bonjour dear reader. So it's Friday and I'm not entirely sure where my week went. I do know that a great deal was accomplished this week and for my efforts I'm tired. Very tired. I did more travelling this week than I'm accustomed to and while it was enjoyable I feel like I need a nap.

So what the heck is with the cat? Well, while I still have about 8 horse works on the go right now I must confess something, and that is that I am afraid of doing cats. Afraid! It's a cat for cryin' out loud! I have also committed myself to a "Big Cat Challenge" that is underway as we speak on the informative artist forum by the name of "WetCanvas!". I must do this, I will do this and I will prevail!! I can't grow as an artist unless I do those things that scare the bejeebers out of me. I also like to approach it with the mind-set that conquering fears is like eating cookies...go slow and steady or you'll make yourself sick.

On that note I will share with you a cat related event. Since the other half and I have lived here we've tried to justify and explain to people why our barn cat is long-haired (it's Sushi who is the subject of the ACEO/ Workday Painting). Truth be told, and it really isn't exciting, is that she came with the house and barn. She's lived here her entire life, she's quite content here and she's a darn good mouser! We acquired another cat who I named Bill the Cat (Berkley Breathed fans and/ or Bloom County & Outland readers out there you know of the cat I refer to) who was to be the barn cat in training. He's short haired, a decent sized cat and has claws. He has all the qualities required for the job. However, Sushi did not like her "apprentice" and subsequently beat the snot out of him. Bill the Cat became Bill the House Cat who ventures outside to occassionally kill things. Also, he's run directly into one of the barn doors and fallen off the roof of the barn at least 3 times that I'm aware of. How he's managed to stay alive this long is beyond me...pact with the Devil perhaps?
Anyway, Bill and Sushi have since mended fences but I suspect Bill will never live long enough to fill Sushi's spot. Nor do I think he'll give up the luxury of indoor life for spending endless hours playing in the hay mow. What to do?
Well, as it happens I have now acquired a new barn cat with no effort at all. This cat, unlike the many that have ventured into the barn and left after meeting up with Sushi, has stayed now for about a week. I'm not entirely sure of it's gender but I suspect it's a female. She's orange, has claws, is small...and long-haired. I've named her Onion. I can live with a long haired barn cat.

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