Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy Belated New Year!

Hello dear reader. So hopefully your New Year's festivities were fun, exciting and involved eating lots and lots of food because, as we all know, January first is official "I'm going to resolve to eat better" Day. I gave up celebrating that day a long time ago because I have better things to worry about...and I actually like eating vegetables.

You'll notice the pretty horsey on the ACEO to your left, another of my Workday Paintings, titled "Humility". He'll be up for auction this week on eBay along with the horse ACEO from the previous post. I'm particularly fond of this one and the colours I got to use in the background.

I've resolved (no, not to eat better, don't jump the gun here) that I'd like to play around with backgrounds a lot this year, and not just within the confines of my Workday Paintings. Larger pieces will also be subjected to my artistic whims of experimentation. I'm finding now that when I do pieces I get about one-third to half way done with the main subject and I suddenly feel I need to do the background. Oddly enough, this whole arrangement I've made with myself seems to work out quite nicely. A testament to this is a horse I started last year (in September, I think) and I still have yet to complete the piece. The horse itself is done but there he sits...with no background. I can distinctly remember working on this piece and thinking to myself half-way through "Y'know, I should really attend to the background." I didn't listen to myself and instead forged ahead with the horse and now it is officially "in limbo". Lesson learned.

So, dear reader, that's where I sit for today. Tomorrow I'll post the links to the auctions for this ACEO and the previous one as well as share with you some more artwork. The Holidays are over and that means back to work...or is it play?

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