Monday, January 22, 2007

It's true...

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It's true, dear reader, it's true...I'm a boring person. The John Stewart Show confirmed it.
I had always suspected that I was boring what with people's eyes glazing over as I talked to them or the repeated "Huh?" after I finished a sentence. You're doing it right now...I can sense it.

At any rate Mr. Stewart had on his show a fellow that has done a book and television show based on human history, from Noah's Ark to the Quest for the Holy Grail to whatever else he could think of searching for. He made a comment that surprised... nay, floored me: "Let's face it, the History Channel can be boring." And then he made a face at the audience like they had just completed some sort of secret handshake...a handshake that wasn't shown to me (hence it's presumed secrecy). I looked at my dog for comfort and she licked the leg of the coffee table. I don't know what that means but it can't be good.

In the interest of being true to myself I will openly admit to my love of the History Channel. If that makes me a boring person than so be it...I'm sure there were other boring people before me. I should go watch the History Channel and find out.

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