Friday, January 12, 2007

Done? Not quite yet.

Hello dear reader. So here it is...kinda. A south-east and south-west facing view of the unnamed gallery. I know, the carpet is, how shall we say..."ugly" but I can only afford to do so many renovations at a time. On the plus side brown hides a lot of unsightly stains that may or may not be there.
Walls- done
Ceiling- done
Trim- done
Now it's just a matter of putting furniture where it belongs, cleaning up and hanging art. Now you know what I'll be doing this week-end and hey, if you get the urge to tidy something up please feel free to stop by and help out. I've got lots of cleaning supplies and rags and paper towels and a spiffy vacuum (it's lime green!) and a mop and...well, you get the idea.

So for the art portion of our program today I'm offering up this piece which is on the verge of being complete and, like the gallery is unnamed. It's an experimental piece for me on a support called drafting film. Other artsy fartsy folks that are reading this are probably familiar with it but then again, maybe not.
At any rate I'm not sure how I feel about working on this support, after all my love affair with Colourfix was instantaneous and continues to go strong. I have a few more sheets of this stuff left so I'll experiment with a few more things (a portrait perhaps?) and see if it grows on me. You know, kinda the way that mold grows on bread that's gotten too old.
I imagine I'll finish this piece up this week-end so I'll post the final product on Monday when I should (fingers crossed) have the gallery properly set-up. Now where is that "Things To Do" list?...

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