Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wednesday already?

Hello dear reader. I was conflicted as to what artwork to display today as I've got quite a few things on the go and some works that have been freshly completed. I ultimately decided on this WIP I started recently. It's going to be 11x14 inches and is of some type of draft horse.

I haven't decided if I'm going to post this as a WIP or if I'll just tease you with this and then post it when it's done. I know, finicky artists...
There's also the Workday Paintings that need to be posted and yes, I still did them through the Holidays even while suffering from what we've dubbed at my house as "Turkey Syndrome".

So Christmas festivities were fun, I ate too much and we now have approximately 50 lbs of chocolate in various locations around the house not counting the 10 lbs of chocolate we've already eaten. It's funny when you mention to someone "Oh, I like (fill in the blank with your favorite sugary treat)" and then every person you know presents you with said treat. At first you're happy and then by the 14th box of Turtles, Quality Street, Ferrero Rocher, After Eight's, etc all you can think of is buying a blood sugar monitor.

Anyway, I plan on spending the rest of the week doing some more artwork, tidying up before New Year's, organizing some business stuff, planning the re-do of my website (stay tuned in 2007!) and other various odds and ends that I don't really want to carry over into the next year. See you on Friday when my sugar buzz will have subsided...but only marginally.

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