Friday, December 22, 2006

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hello dear reader. I'll keep this as short as possible since I'm sure, like me, you're just wanting to sit back and relax after a harrowing shopping season.

First and foremost, the horse ACEO (which has a touching story I might add, please read in the listing) can be bid on here and Arwen, well, she's mine. It's a small Christmas present to myself. I'm a huge LOTR geek and quite often let myself run away with my imagination and am doing a LOTR series for myself. I think I mentioned before, I'm selfish like that.

So I must digress to my previous post in which I assumed that the Blogger gods were displeased and I was waiting for a Coke bottle to land on my head (ever seen the movie "The Gods Must be Crazy"?) Alas, it didn't happen and I thought I must've really upset someone. As it turns out all I needed to do was pull my head out of my arse. My pop-up blocker was on and I forgot to disable it hence my inablility to post pictures. It's hard missing the obvious sometimes. Anyway, the situation has been remedied (I pulled my head out of my arse) and you can now view to your heart's content!

I won't be posting anything on Monday and will resume my babble on Wednesday when I'm sure to have stories of Christmas crackers, presents, turkey and trifle (mmmm, trifle). On that note, dear reader, enjoy your Holiday and eat, drink and be merry but for the love of chocolate covered caramels don't drink and drive...pull your head out of your arse! See you on Wednesday!


dd said...

Ohhhh I love that picture of the girl from LOTR...and enjoyed your blogging...Now on to look at the rest of the blog.

Rita said...

Hi dd!

Sorry I didn't get back to your comment sooner, my horribly slow dial-up has been on the fritz. Alas, the trials of country living.

Glad you like the picture of Arwen and I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog.

Keep checking back since I'll be doing other characters from LOTR, everyone tells me they want to see Aragorn or Legolas...