Thursday, December 21, 2006

I forgot something...

Hello dear reader. Perhaps you'll notice something and that is that there are no pictures here for your viewing pleasure and that I'm a day late (but thankfully not a dollar short). It would seem that Blogger and I are at odds with each other. It began last night when I went to go write my thoughts and post my doodles as I usually do on Wednesday. I went to post the doodles and, alas, it was not meant to be. I figured it was a temporary glitch but now I realize it is much more. I'm going to try it again right now...

...see? Nothing. So, if you'd be so kind as to head over to my eBay auctions to see my newest Workday Paintings, which also happen to be ACEO's, you'll find two new offerings here and here. Think of it as a Holiday surprise. Surprise! I'll still be posting again tomorrow and maybe by that time Blogger will have forgiven me for whatever offence it was that I committed.

Now, onto what I forgot. Here I thought to myself on Tuesday that I finished my Christmas gift shopping and, more importantly, the grocery shopping. I was smug, dear reader, smug and feeling quite pleased with myself that I was crafty and organized enough to pull off such a feat. Then yesterday, amidst my upcoming Holiday schedule planning, I realized it: I forgot something...the potatoes and foil for the oven. These two things, to some, may seem trivial. 'No Rita, don't put yourself in harm's way by venturing out into Holiday shopping with only 3 days before Chirstmas. It's just not worth the risk!!' However, there are a few things to consider here in order for me to rationalize my decision. First and foremost is my memories of this past Thanksgiving when I successfully cooked a turkey for the first time and then, upon setting the oven to clean, set fire to the oven (it was put out quickly and safely). BBQ grade foil for the oven is not just needed for ease of cleaning but also to avoid any Holiday cleaning (not cooking) mishaps.
Then there's the potato issue. I could just feed them some other root vegatable and I already have parsnips and carrots. However, I come from a large Irish family and forgetting potatoes at Christmas is like pouring your Guinness improperly into a glass...or just not drinking at all. My mother, who is not Irish (she's Latvian, another potato loving people) forgot potatoes one year when we used to have large family Christmas get- togethers and she has never, and I mean never, lived it down.

So, dear reader, once again I foray out into the hoardes of Christmas shoppers who are growing grumpier with every swipe of the debit and/ or credit card. Check back with me tomorrow since I may not make it back in one piece.

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