Monday, December 18, 2006

Is it safe?

Hello dear reader. I will venture into Blogger territory regardless of the threat of this post being eaten by the unpredictable Blogger gods.

First order of business is the horse ACEO, yet another of my Workday Paintings, which can be bid on here and my beloved Rosebud (aka-Wubby, Nublin, Oompacha and any other ridiculous name I can think of) well, I'm very much at odds over whether I'm going to part with this one. We'll have to wait and see... she's just so darn CUTE!!

Let me comment on the Survivor Grand Finale last night, you had to know I was going to go here. First and foremost I was tickled, just tickled, to see all the finalists being from different ethnic groups. They devised a plan and stuck to it for a very long time, something of a first in Survivor between 4 people, lest we forget poor Sundra who ran out of matches at the final Tribal Council. On top of that they opened up a whole can of whoop ass on the other tribe after the infamous "mutiny" not just once but several times! I cannot tell you how glad I was to see them smoke the other tribe of supposedly physically superior competitors despite being grossly outnumbered and demoralized. That and I didn't care much for that Adam fellow or his little groupies Candace and "Poverty" as Jeff kept calling her (and I kept laughing). While I am happy tha Yul won, he played an awesome strategic/ social game, I did want to see Ozzy win. First and foremost he's young and, hopefully, would've had enough common sense to put the money to good use as he said he would. I also must confess that while stories of familial woe don't normally get me his particular story and comment about the "person that created you doesn't want you around" struck a particular chord with me (I won't elaborate). He also seems to be a very genuine person and, from what I can remember, aside from throwing the one challenge to get Billy off he played an honest game (gadzooks!) Finally, let's face it, he's cute as all get out. Although I do have to say that I liked the unshaven, tree-climbing Ozzy over the clean shaven, well-dressed Ozzy. Personal preference...

Anyway, that's my babble for today. Please, visit eBay and bid dear reader, bid away to your heart's content. Me, I have more art to do and I'll see you on Wednesday!

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