Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Alas, George Clooney's pig...

The Haflinger can be bid on here and the Arab can be bid on here.

Hello dear reader. Hopefully you like the offerings I have for today as far as art goes. I'm quite tickled with myself over these two and, to be honest, I wholeheartedly considered keeping them for myself. I'm greedy like that. Alas, in my quest to broaden my horizons and develop the skills of an artist that is also a business-person I decided to let them the highest bidder, of course. The Haflinger is titled "Bleached Out" and the Arab is titled "Regal Echo". The background for them can be found in their respective eBay listings, lest I be redundant.

So let's talk about the passing of George Clooney's pig (this is, oddly enough, slightly related to the Arab the listing on eBay, gosh darnit!). After all, everyone else is talking about it. This man, who is apparently a cassanova of all cassanova's is lamenting the loss of his most long-term relationship which happened to be with his pot-bellied pig named Max. We're told that Max was treated like a son, was allowed to sleep on the bed with Clooney (even with his dates) and was given $20 chocolate covered pretzels from time to time. Why do we know all this? Slow news day I suppose but, more importantly, do we care? The answer, dear reader, is yes.
We care because while the rest of us humble mortals trudge through the day working at our desks or caring for screaming children or operating a switchboard or doing some other routine task it's good to know that the insanely wealthy folks of the world are still forced to deal with real world stuff, like death. In this we find some comfort...and, let's face it, some amusement in a "sorry for the loss of your pig" sort of way.

On that note I must go. America's Next Top Model is starting soon and that means it's time for my brain to shut off. I leave you with the comforting thought that, as was reported to us mere mortals, Mr. Clooney has sworn off bacon for a year as a result of the passing of Max. RIP.

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