Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Point, click and watch

Hello dear reader. Do I have exciting, earth shattering news for you! Remember that TV interview I spoke of many moons ago? Well, the universe is unfolding somewhat as it should and tonight, tomorrow night, friday morning, sunday afternoon and next wednesday evening I will have my mug all over at least one person's TV spouting off about my art. At least I hope one person is watching it...
Anyway, it's very exciting for me because 1- I've never been on TV and 2- no one has ever wanted to put me on TV. Now both have happened so you can imagine how completely giddy I am with excitement. The program is called "The Art of Quinte" (straightforward and to the point which is always good) and it features not just little ol' me but other visual artists in the region as well as musicians and writers. It's basically a smorgasbord of arts.

On a somewhat art related note I didn't get a chance to update the landscape picture because the trimmer was out today to clean up the horse's feet. I also learned how I can maintain my horse's feet on my own. That in and of itself should prove interesting because I have a bad back. Maybe wielding a rasp and paring knife will change all that and something will pop back into place? Um...maybe not, but I'd like to think so.

So, with the exciting news of my TV debut and learning the finer points of horse's feet I have no update on the landscape and, to be honest dear reader, I don't want to hold myself to getting it completed in any big hurry because I have commissions that need to be done and I must re-haul my website. Does that mean the art stops? Why goodness gracious me no! Just look at that little fellow in the corner...hanging a snowman. A sign of things to come? I sure hope so...

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