Monday, November 13, 2006

Just another manic monday

Christmas is coming dear reader. Do you know how I know that (regardless of the overwhelming odour of cinnamon in every store I go into)? Because chaos and absent minded behaviour is coming out of the wood-work. Today, dear reader, I walked into a doorway. A doorway!! It's a good thing the door was open. I also find myself thinking about when the appropriate time is to put up Christmas decorations in the barn and send out cards wishing Holiday cheer. Priorities, you know.
Also, I attended/participated in a Holiday Art Show yesterday which went fairly well by all accounts. I attended this show solo since the other half had to stay home which forced me to talk about my art to people, an occurence that you may or may not know is difficult for me. I figured out what my problem is but rather than bore you with my psycho-babble rationalizing we'll just cut to the art...

Look! The long-lost landscape! There's another reason I like doing sunrise/ sunset landscapes that I haven't divulged to you. That reason is that it's one of the only opportunities for me to whip out my neon coloured pencils. There's nothing quite so satisfying as putting little blobs of neon pink in a to little blobs of neon orange! Okay, I guess this is like the paper thing...something that perhaps only another artist could understand. At any rate you'll notice that slowly but surely it is emerging from the ugliness of it's beginning stages. It still has a fair bit of refinement that needs to be done but it'll get there. So that's where it is now.

I will return on Wednesday and if you'll excuse me, my head hurts and I need to go take a Tylenol.

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