Monday, November 06, 2006 last!

Hello dear reader. I know you've been waiting anxiously all week-end for an update on my landscape picture and here it is. I must apologize for the shadow being cast across the top of the picture, and I know it may be difficult to believe, but even artists make visual mistakes.

So I'm officially going into "Get Ready for the Show" mode. What this means is that I need to make lists and check them twice. Heck, I'll even check them 3 or 4 times and I can guarantee you I'll still forget something. Art shows, for me, have generally turned out like the camping excursions I go on. I make elaborate lists, gather items together, check the lists again, do an imaginary set-up in my head and then head out. About half-way to my destination I realize I forgot the ketchup and the flashlight. I'm hoping that neither ketchup or a flaslight will have any place in my art show but I suppose stranger things have happened. Imagined calamities aside I am rather looking forward to the show this week-end at the Empire Theatre because it's a one day show (less tiring), it's local, it's Christmas related and being held for a good cause. It doesn't get much better than that!

So as for the above work I don't imagine that it will be done in time for said show this week-end but instead I may tote it over to the gift store that my work is being featured in this month. It will go nicely with the other sunrise/ sunset works I have there right now. By wednesday I suspect it will actually be looking more like a landscape, not that it doesn't already, but more like a landscape that is well on it's way to being called finished. Right now it looks ominous, and that isn't particularly good for a work that is supposed to elicit good memories of camping, cottaging and other such outdoor activities. I won't say any more about this picture lest I ruin the moment. See you on wednesday!

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