Friday, November 03, 2006

Fuzzy Little Killer

Hello dear reader, I hope you are enjoying your friday. Clearly you're interested in what I have to offer or you wouldn't be reading this...and if you happened to stumble upon my blog by accident please stay and read. You might be amused...or somewhat frightened, who can say for sure?

So I've decided to share this piece with you, titled "White Arctic". I've garnered a lot of nice comments from folks over this one (and yet it hasn't sold??) and, to be perfectly honest, it's one of my favorite pieces. I decided to share this one because, as the result of an actual hard frost last night, it's colder than all bejeezus right now. I say this relatively speaking since I know that come the middle of January it will be much colder than it is today.
A few people said that this wolf looked as though it were being vicious, getting ready to attack something. One person said it even looked like it was about to attack a person! Alas, the ref photo was of a wolf just standing there (maybe it just woke up?) with no bunny or deer carcasses to be seen. Wolves are misunderstood thanks to that little hussy Red Riding Hood. Oh, and that story about the boy who called wolf. Wolves would rather stay the heck away from us because they know we're a self-destructing species and should they get close enough to us we may pull them into our out of control downward spiral. Kinda makes you wonder why dogs put up with us? Maybe they like the show we put on.

At any rate, this piece will be travelling with me next week-end to the Empire Theatre for the annual Home for the Holidays show. On monday I'll have another update on the landscape WIP and you'll be privledge to my pre-show ramblings. How will I decorate my booth? Will I remember my receipt book? Will several pieces get damaged on the way to the show? Will I , in the excitement and chaos, forget to put pants on? Oh, all these questions and more...


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