Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Landscape is changing

Hello dear reader. To your left you'll see the progress made on the exciting landscape picture you've been sucked into. I make it sound so delightful, don't I?
Darks, lights, and everything in between has been added. The colour is getting richer and the trees will soon be taking shape. My photography skills are sorely lacking, but it's all very an artistic sort of way. I won't be updating you on this one until Monday of next week because, dear reader, I have to set up for my Guest Artist spot at the store tomorrow. After that I plan to come home and get some more work done for the Christmas show I have coming up. Busy, busy! So what will I be sharing with you on Friday? Well, if I told you now that would ruin the surprise, now wouldn't it?
There are also many other exciting artsy-fartsy developments to share. Why, just today I opened an eBay store and will be listing new items in it tonight along with an ACEO auction listing. There's also another exciting thing going on with me and my art but I'll have to keep quiet about that one until I decide on a particular course of action. Intrigued? So am I!

So things are happening to and fro in my hectic little world of art. Since things have gotten quite a bit busier with my art and I've been making progress in reaching/ achieving many of my goals I'd like to take this time, as I do on occassion, to thank the people who have supported and been supportive of my art. The list is long and the thanks never-ending but you know who you are and from this grateful artist, although I cannot say it enough: Thank you.

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