Saturday, November 25, 2006


Hello dear reader. To your left you'll see the two pieces that are being submitted on Monday for the juried show "Domestica". As with previous juried show experiences I'm being reserved and not getting my hopes up since these sorts of things can go either way. I'm not even sure who's jurying this show so I can't do my homework and find out what type of art this person favours, etc.
What makes me even more leery is that apparently there have been a few jurying debacles as of late in many local shows. Through the grapevine that is the Quinte region Art community I've heard that there are quite a few people that are none too happy. My personal feeling on this is that while it's true that the juror(s) should be objective and open to all types/ styles of art the simple fact of the matter is that people are partial to certain types of art and they're just going to shoose what they like. It's one of those wacky little quirks of being a human. In situations like this it's also important to remember that the decisions are based on opinion which is what makes art such an interesting beast to begin with. The submissions I've decided to make are based on other people's reactions to these particular pieces and the theme of this show. Were they the ones that I would've initially liked to submit? No. Do I like them? Of course, or I wouldn't submit them. Will they make it in? Who knows...the juror(s) will know on tuesday and so will I.

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