Monday, November 27, 2006

And they're off...

...and I wait. Silently, anxiously and eating cookies non-stop. Okay, maybe not non-stop but I've eaten more than I probably should've. They're double caramel cheesecake cookies so you can understand why I've succumbed to their sinister, but tasty, ways.

Why am I partaking of so much high-calorie madness? The two pictures I posted from last time are now sitting in the care of the good folks over at the John M. Parrott art gallery in Belleville waiting until tomorrow when they'll be juried and their fate will be decided. I know I'm making it sound much more dramatic than it actually is but I hate waiting for things like this to take place. I think they should just be able to look at the piece and say "Yes! This is exactly what we've been waiting for! Where have you been all these years?" Unfortuantely that's not how it happens and now I have to sit here and wait...until tomorrow! The only plus side to this is that if my work doesn't get selected they're going to have a critiquing thing-a-ma-jigy after the jurying is done.

This is more stressful for me than a trip to the dentist. Truth be told, though, I rather enjoy going to the dentist. Especially when they're finishing up and you have to put that gooey flouride stuff on your teeth and you get to choose which flavour you want. Okay, so the dentist thing was a bad example. Give me some time, I'll come up with something better.

So I should note that I won't be updating again until friday when I'll have the results of the jurying and I'll also have some info on a project I'm going to be undertaking. Oh yeah, and some artwork as well!

Oh! I've got it! Trying to find a parking spot at the mall during the Christmas season, yeah, that's stressful.

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