Friday, October 06, 2006

Yee Haw!

Well, here we have another WIP. This particular one is a commissioned piece for the Eastern Ontario Team Penning Association (try saying that 5 times fast). The pic is of the fellow (and his horse) that hosts the events at his cattle ranch and kindly donates his cows for use at the event. He's a very good rider and very amusing to watch when he pens as he frequently talks to the cows telling them to "Get over there," and "You don't belong here," (wrong number heading for the pen) and "Just get in there cow."
What I've done so far is just get the outline I need for the piece and mark in a few of the colours and that's about it...because I like to tease you. I'm also planning on adding a cow to the picture so there's actually some sort of context to the piece. It's an 8x10 so there's a lot of action happening in a small format, something that I don't usually do as you may recall my penchant for living by the motto "Bigger is Better".
I'm hoping, fingers crossed, that on Monday I'll have 2 more updates to post for you to show more of the progress on this piece.

That said, I'm not sure about how much artistic progress I'll make this week-end because for us Canucks it's Turkey Day week-end. That means 1- I'm going to be busy making food (it's our first holiday in the house and guess who gets to viscerate a turkey) and 2- I plan on eating a good amount of that turkey so I imagine I'll be tired. All hail tryptophan! Oh, and throw some pumpkin pie and wine into the mix and I'll be done for the day...and evening.
Anyway, that's the plan for this week-end and the weather looks promising so perhaps I'll get to do some riding of my own. Happy Thanksgiving!

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