Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

*This is a day late due to technical difficulties, my humblest apologies.*

Hello dear reader and for those of you that are Canucks, Happy Thanksgiving!
You'll notice that I've only posted one update for my penning WIP. Thanksgiving can be exhausting, especially when you eat too much and wind up suffering from "Turkey Syndrome". Then you have to clean the oven and because someone spills turkey fat into the bottom of the oven and then there's a small inferno blazing away and...well, you get the idea. On the plus side my fledgling turkey cooking endeavours were successful by all accounts and the turkey was tasty.

Holiday mishaps aside, I am hoping to accomplish much more art over the next few weeks. I have put this on my plate 1- because Christmas is coming and the shows I have lined up are closing in fast and 2- as the other half and I get more sorted out after moving I'm finding that my day has more time in it that doesn't involve cleaning or unpacking boxes. Not much more time...but a bit.

So this is where everything is at. The weather looks to be crappy this week so there won't be much I can do outside so relegating myself to getting some art done should prove to be a good and productive activity to get me through the day. On that note, I must get back to work...there's a greasy oven that is calling me to be cleaned.

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