Saturday, October 21, 2006

What's my sign?

My apologies dear reader. So what happened to me yesterday? Well, it seems that my computer and Blogger just weren't meshing and as such I was unable to post. It also lead me to decide that I'm not going to post the cowboy until he's done which should be, well, Monday. In the place of my intriguing WIP I have decided to post this little horsey diddy (is that infringing upon P.Diddy? or Puff Daddy? or Sean Coombs? or whatever the Hell he's calling himself these days? Puffy P. Diddy Coombs Daddy Diddly Do- da- day...)

Ahem. Anyway, this piece is another ACEO and look, just look at that detail. Pretty impressive, eh? I thought so, especially since it's taken me about a day and a half to recover proper eyesight after staring intently at this one to get it done. What I'm even more pleased with is the background. I'm fanatically in love with doing fuzzy backgrounds. After all, if you've done a nit-picky background peoeple will look at that instead of the main subject which really isn't the point of the art at all. This piece will be going up on my eBay probably this coming week, I'm thinking Monday but maybe not until Thursday.

On a completely unrelated art note I'm currently listening to an 80's music only program on the radio. I love the 80's and all the decadence and excessive use of synthesizers. I have qualms about women wearing shoulder pads and leg warmers, especially at the same time, but I have fond memories of shows like Cheers and Family Ties and, yes, even Golden Girls. Occasionally the host of this show shares interesting, yet completely useless, information. The most recent little gem of info was that the latest trend in pick-up lines in Korea is not "What's your sign?" but instead "What's your blood-type?" He then proceeded to ask if "Above the legal limit" was an appropriate answer. Alas, I have no smart alecky answer to that one because it's already just so strange. See you on Monday...after I find out what my blood-type is.

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