Monday, October 23, 2006

Git Along Liddle, Cow

So, dear reader, for all intensive purposes the cowboy has penned his cow (translate: this piece is done). It's now in it's "resting" period, as I call it, and I'll probably go back to it on wednesday and do the final tweaking.
I think the cow's belly will need to be darkened and there might be some more fiddly bits on the horse's face that I may do but there's already a ton of layers on the paper and I'm not too sure how much more abuse it can take.

This certainly isn't the most detailed piece I've done but I got to use some wacky colouring in this one and so I was happy. I don't generally view commissioned pieces as blissful and delightful but more as exercises in honing my skills and for that reason alone they're quite valuable. That and, let's be honest, they help pay the bills.

Again, I re-iterate that I hope they don't ask me to talk about this at the banquet on saturday because when it comes to me talking about my art one of two things happen. I either 1- become very long- winded, philisophical and interpretive or 2- I turn in Gomer Pyle. More often than not it's the second phenomenon that occurs. I've really got to work on that...

Now it's on to other commissions and getting more work done for my shows and making more ACEO's. I must confess that I am hopelessly addicted to doing these little cards now. When I first heard about this ACEO business it sounded cute but I don't like cute when it comes to art. It makes me think of those Precious Moments figurines and something about them is too cute to the point of being creepy. ACEO's are not like Precious Moments at all. ACEO's are like the instant gratification you get from licking the beaters after making cake batter. They're fast, small, affordable and don't make you gain weight. Unless, of course, you eat them and then you have another problem altogether. I can't help you with that.
On that note I will leave you wondering and waiting, waiting and wondering just what I'll do next. Heck, I'd like to know that as well!


dd said...

Hi, just found your site here and I love your art the way I wear size 10w or 11 sometimes...haha..

I'll be checking back for sure....


Rita said...

Thanks dustyd!

Yup, no reason to be ashamed of larger feet. I figure it gives a person more stability for those times when you're getting jostled around in large crowds or if it's a particularly windy day...I betcha those women with little size 5 feet are wishing for a little extra leverage.

Take care and keep checking back for my babblings!