Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Losing track of time...

So as promised, dear reader, I have posted the next update to the penning picture. Clearly somewhere between the last update and this one I forgot to take out my camera and snap another photo of this WIP. Speaking of which, I should go do that after I finish here lest I make another gigantic leap in the progress of this picture.

This picture is going to be presented in about a week and a half and while I'm not nervous right now I must confess that the evening that it is presented I suspect I'll be just about ready to toss my cookies. I don't know what it is about giving my art to other people or having other people give my art to someone (while I'm there) that makes my stomach re-create some sort of high-diving event at the Olympics gone wrong. I guess it's just anticipation, fear and excitement mixed into one. Hopefully they don't ask me to talk about it or anything either because that's when the real goober in me comes out. It's a handicap I'm working on correcting.

Anyway, the work is currently on the brink of completion and I have directed my attention to other projects such as a few other commissions I have to complete and my ACEO explosion. That and the two shows I have in Novemeber which should really be my first priority right now. On that note I will sign off and start the work that I should've taken care of about two days ago.

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