Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Who needs time?

Hello dear reader. I should initially point out that the title for today is dripping, nay, oozing with sarcasm. In true form of the universe not unfolding like it should (my neighbour just sneezed...thought I'd share) I have umpteen things to do and not enough hours in the day.

There is also no art update for today. I know, you'll just have to choke back those tears and buck up. Hopefully on friday I should have something (I think I said that on Monday about today) and if an update isn't ready I'll share with you another older art piece and we, or rather I, can discuss my progress as an artist.

'Is there any good news?' you ask. Why yes, yes there is. I have closed down my Etsy shop and begun listing works on eBay. My decision is final. It's going to be an experiment for me and I will give this a fair run and even if it doesn't pan out that's okay. I'm still in that experimental stage for marketing my art and myself as an artist. Hey, I've only really been doing this as a business for about 7 months anyway. I think so far I'm doing okay, don't you?


W. J. St. Christopher said...

Hi, Rita!

I followed your WC link and have to say I love your blog (and the title)!

Your writing style is warm and witty and the art (no, not today's) is great.

Your bio is a very enjoyable read, but what could you possibly have against raisins???

Good luck with your eBay ACEO's!

Rita said...

Hi w.j. st. christopher (wow, say that 5 times fast!)

Thanks for having a look here, I'm always amazed and extremely flattered when someone takes the time to read what I actually have to write. I like the opportunity to 'think out loud', as it were.

I'll offer up an explanation of my love/ hate relationship with raisins in my post for today!