Monday, September 11, 2006

Stage Two

So here's the second stage of my WIP. Please be so kind as to ignore the left side of the work where the drawing pad rings are visible.
More highlights, a neck (always important) and more of that fantastic Haflinger hair. At this point you may have noticed that I haven't really touched the nose area. Why? Because the nose area is frightening with all it's little bumps and grooves and veins and such.

Truth be told I actually finished the horse this past week-end and I've hit a complete block because I have no idea what to do with the background on this one. None at all. It's very frustrating. You may remember my Fruit Loop reference from the previous post and at this point that's not sounding like a bad idea.
I hate it when this happens. What's worse is that I've got another horse picture I'm working on right now that is almost completed but I'm at the same stage where a background is neccessary and nothing is coming to mind. I must be suffering from Background Block...a common ailment in the art world. Unfortunately there is no easily attainable remedy.

On Wednesday I'll do another update and hopefully I'll have better news concerning my background quandry. Until then you'll have to excuse me as I ponder the future of this poor little horse floating in space...and go eat some Fruit Loops.

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