Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just my humble opinion...

Heeeeeeere's Haflinger! So as you'll notice (maybe not though) I've done more with the mane and body and, yes, I'm still avoiding the nose area like the plague. A bit of darkening but nothing major. After all, why frighten myself only this far into the work...I can save that for later.

On a much more encouraging note I think I may have finally decided what to do with the background. You, dear reader, will just have to check back and see if I have resolved my background issues. I'm going to have a go at it tonight and, well, if it doesn't work there's going to be a lot of cursing on friday.

I'm going to venture into non- art related issues for a moment with the upcoming edition of Survivor rapidly approaching. There has been much brew ha-ha about the way the teams have been divided for this particular edition, that is, they've been divided by race. Initially when I heard this I knew, I just knew, that some people were going to get their underwear in a twist over this one. Let me be frank, but polite, in how I see all of this (I'm a left-wing, tree hugging, free-minded berry picker so you Conservative folks may want to sit down for this...)

First of all, people are all different, and this includes skin colour. To ignore this blatantly obvious fact of life (and genetics) is akin to living in a vaccuum. Nature decided that a monochromatic colour scheme just didn't work for a space as large as earth so variety was the answer. This works, just ask the good folks over at Queer Eye for the Straight Guy...or Martha Stewart.
Second, I think the folks who participate in this particular Survivor, if they genuinely felt offended by the division, could have left the game (and it is nothing more than a game folks, lest we forget). No one held a gun to their head and made them do this. There's the potential of winning a million smackeroos. If someone has traded their moral integrity and values for only the potential of winning a million dollars then perhaps there's bigger issue that should be addressed.
Third, and in my mind the most relevant, things like this only become and issue with people who genuinely feel that there is a very real division between races whether you're white, asian, black or any of the lovely colours in between. They're promoting the one thing that they claim to take exception to. "Oh, seperate the teams by race...way to promote bigotry!" Please just poke me in the eye with a rusty nail covered in fire ants...and then stick it in my ear so I don't have to listen to such polly- wolly- doodle.

I treat people based on their behaviour and attitude. If you treat me kindly I will return the favour. If you bull sh*! me, don't expect me to give you the time of day. I don't care what colour you are or what your ethnic background is.
Bottom line is that people will watch this show if they want to and if you feel it offends your delicate sensibilities then just watch something else instead. Even better, stay away from the apparent evil that is television and save yourself the headache.

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