Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A New One

Hello dear reader. I am an individual of my word but unfortunately I cannot post an image right now (my computer? Blogger? Who knows what the problem is?). I will try again tomorrow to post images but until then all I can say is that it is promising to be a rather colourful work, like "Windy", and at the same time very frustrating as well. You see, as much as I love working on a coloured background there are inherent difficulties as well like actually getting the correct colour for different sections. That said, there's a learning experience to be had here as well so really I should just stop my whining and get on with it. I'll try to do an update tomorrow as I so hate to disappoint.

On another art related note I know that winter is coming. How? Glad you asked. I know winter is coming because I'm feeling the painting bug coming on. You see, there's something about the prospect of being cooped up in a house for months on end that rouses in one the desire to crack open a bottle of turpenoid and start smooshing oil paint on a canvas. I love oil painting. There are many naysayers to this because it smells, it's messy and if you happen to eat large quantities of it you go loopy and cut your ear off.
That said, I've tried other types of painting like acrylic, egg tempera, watercolour and so on and there's nothing quite like thick, messy, vividly coloured oil paint. Maybe it's the non nit-picker in me that likes oil painting because something happens when I oil paint that doesn't happen when I'm using pencil or coloured pencil. I start to care less about every itty bitty detail and more about the colour and value. Not that that's a bad thing and, in fact, I've learned to translate some of that attitude into my coloured pencil works much to my own satisfaction.

I love winter...

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