Monday, September 18, 2006

Heeeeeere's Haffie!

So there's the last stage of my Haflinger. I decided to go with a soft, muted background for this one because I just love the forelock of this horse (actually I just love all of the hair) and I didn't want to do anything that would detract from the horse.
The image itself is actually much more vivid in real life and there's the usual excuses for that since the lighting wasn't the best, everyone seems to have their monitor set differently and my "outstanding" photography skills.
I still haven't decided what to title the picture so if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them...

To your utter delight, dear reader, I have started another WIP that I'll share with you tomorrow. What!? "Tomorrow?" You say? Yes, tomorrow. You see, there will be much kafuffling ensuing this coming Thursday and in the interest of preserving my sanity (I've had to do that a lot this year) I will be updating tomorrow and Wednesday and then return again next week to our regularly scheduled programming. There may also be some changes next week...but we'll have to see what kind of a mood I'm in. I delight in being impetuous.

So, hopefully my new WIP will not disappoint you. It's quite colourful (see-loud) and is reminiscent of the piece titled "Windy" that I did awhile back. Actually, it's even on the same shade of paper. Maybe it has something to do with the paper that just cries out for lots of bold colour. Anyway, you'll get to see it soon enough so until tomorrow...

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