Monday, September 04, 2006

It was a rainy day...

Hello dear reader,
Glad to see you've checked back to make sure I wasn't washed away with my art this week-end. It was, without a doubt, a week-end excursion to that it is never repeated.
It began innocently enough with dark clouds looming on the horizon of a sunny, albeit windy, day. Hubby and I arrived in Fenelon Falls in good time to set up my booth and the display panels. The clouds looked bad and the wind was picking up so we figured in the interest of me not completely losing my marbles we wrapped up the display panels oh so elegantly in two giant blue tarps. I may post the pictures of my unique display in my next post but on with my story...
We went to the campground and set up the tents and got everything unpacked. It was good, very good. The ground was level, our neighbours weren't noisy college kids and we had enough food to assure us that we'd be going home at least 2 lbs. heavier. Before going to bed we put the other two giant blue tarps we had over the sleeping tent and the dining tent because it was getting cloudy and I have no luck whatsoever when it comes to rain and camping.
On saturday we got up, had breakfast and headed to the art exhibition. Eveything was still standing and I set up shop, as it were. It was dry until about noon and then the rain started and the temperature dropped and the wind picked up. I had visions of the tent and display, which were all strapped together, launching into the air with artwork in tow and people fleeing as "the blue beast" hurled its way through the art exhibition taking out trees and small children. To my relief that didn't happen and I actually had quite a few sales despite the poopy weather. At the end of the first day I took my art down and we secured the booth again. We headed back to camp thoroughly chilled and damp and both hubby and I wound up wimping out and spending the night in a motel instead. We're young, but achy and we both work way too hard to spend the night reminiscing on the days when we didn't suffer from arthritis. We slept soundly, apparently much more soundly than some...

The next day we arrived at the exhibition to find some people's displays in utter ruin. Smashed tents, destroyed artwork, collapsed displays and yet the blue beast was still standing. We were told, by some people camping right at the site, that around 2:00 that morning the wind picked up fiercely and either a mini-twister or microburst came through and basically picked and chose which displays it was going to demolish. Needless to say, that morning there were some people that just said bleep-it and they packed up and went home.
Sunday was better weather wise but slower for sales. Crappy weather doesn't exactly encourage people to shop much or decide to spend the day outside at an art exhibition. I was just happy we didn't spend the night in the tent!

All in all it was a good week-end although the weather could've been better. I'm planning on going back next year because it is an area that I love and the people were super nice. Just for poops and giggles above I've posted one of the pieces that sold at the exhibition. It's called "Sharing a Moment" and I'm glad it found a good home and hopefully it will be enjoyed for years to come.

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