Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Blue Beast Cometh

As promised (much to my embarassment) I have posted pictures from my week-end adventure in art fairs. The first picture is the day we arrived and set up...when the weather was still nice. In the second photo you'll be so kind as to notice that, according the the hem of my jeans, I am indeed waiting for a flood. That said, being stylish becomes a moot point when you're freezing your patooties off.

I've started working on another WIP (work-in-progress for those of you just joining us) but I'll wait to post that until friday to spare my poor dial-up connection. I'm also hoping to list at my etsy store a bit more frequently now that the little children have returned to their rightful place in school. I'm planning on listing more ACEO's and sticking with my original plan of listing smaller pieces there as well. Keep it simple.

I've begun contemplating finding a more solid place within my art. That is to say that I'd like to find a subject matter and, with only the occassional foray into nether subjects, stick with it. However, this is a quandry that many artists have had to deal with and some more successfully than others.
Part of the reasoning behind this is that I'd like to go searching for gallery representation next year and they tend to shy away from folks whose art covers everything from realistic fruit still life to abstract commentaries on the state of religion...although I'm sure there's a tie in there somewhere.
Another reason is that I've found several subjects that I just keep coming back to (you'll see one of them in my next WIP) and as many an artist will tell you, what you love doing you do well...and seemingly effortlessly at that!

So there's a little bit of info to share as to where I'm heading artistically. I could change my mind between now and next tuesday at 5:00 but artists are a finicky bunch and far be it from me to be the one to break that stereotype.

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