Monday, August 07, 2006

So I felt I should do a post today. No particular reason, it just seemed the appropriate thing to do on a holiday Monday. Well, it's a holiday for some but for most it's just another Monday with irregular radio programming.
What have I been up to art-wise? Well, I've finshed off a whack of projects and I'm planning to update my art website with some new info and some re-worked info. I'm also wracking my brain for marketing ideas. Much like 'Back To School' season, the Christmas season will soon be upon us (hard to think of when it's 33 degrees celsius outside) and a good plan is a well prepared least in my books anyway. I've already got a local show lined up for mid-November and I'm the guest artist again at Serendipity Gifts in Belleville but I'd like to go farther. I need to peddle myself. It sounds vulgur, I know, but alas that is the life of an artist.

At any rate I may have some art to post on Wednesday barring any unforseen natural disasters, globally sweeping plagues or just plain old implosion. Although the break would be nice...

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