Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why do you mock me Colorado?

My efforts at organic gardening are becoming frustrating. If it's not powdery mildew trying to destroy my squash plants it's giant ugly green caterpillar things eating my tomato plants. And now? Now Colorado's worst export, the potato beetle, is demolishing my potato plants. Why Mother Nature, why must you continually punish us?

So, due to the lack of spined soldier bugs and predatory stink bugs in my neck of the woods I resorted to a "green" pesticide spray and sprayed the crap out of the little bastards this afternoon. I have a much larger potato crop this year and, by golly, I'm not going to lose it to some bugs that think they can out-do me. The funny thing? I'm really only growing this many potatoes for the rest of my family. I'm sick of eating the things and would just as soon plant zucchini or corn in place of the humble potato.

So you may have noticed the little wee birdie to your left. He's another ACEO that I've completed to make myself feel like I'm actually getting some work done. I've got about 8 works on the go right now and, at the risk of driving myself absolutely nutty, I've decided to refrain from doing a WIP right now. Maybe next week when I get more new paper in (yay!) and start fresh on something I'll post it as a WIP.

At any rate that's what's what right now. Gotta stop typing and killing bugs and get back to doing more art!

PS-I should note that I tried posting this yesterday and it didn't work. So it's here today.

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