Saturday, July 01, 2006


This is early in the morning for some people and for farmers the day started a long time ago. Just thought I'd share.
This post is going to be completely non-art related so just sit back and enjoy the ride. Today is a busy day what with celebrating the birth of our nation and all. The little wee people are out of school and many families have packed up their children and taken them to relatives houses for family festivities or, in a real Canadian way to celebrate our land, they've taken them camping.
Without question the landscape of our country is one of the things that makes us unique. Also, being the second largest country on the planet, it means that we have a lot of it to look at. Sadly, there are a great number of people that don't and instead choose to lock themselves up in their homes or apartments or condos or offices where they can look at nature on their t.v., computer or other little beeping and blipping tidbit of technology. After all, deer flies can't take a chunk out of you from the comfort of your den.
To those people I say go outside, visit some natural spectacle, either local or non-local, and find out why our country is so beautiful and why people are kicking up a stink about the B.C. rainforests being decimated or why it's imperative to the Newfoundlanders to retain their fishing culture and everything in between! It's not just a matter of preserving what we presently have, it's about making sure it's around for a good long while for others to enjoy as well. Sounds cliche-ish? Yup, but it's the truth.
Many countries and their people don't get to enjoy the liberties and benefits that we do and, although it's been said a million times before, I think we take that for granted. I know I do from time to time but then I also get to have times like this where I can reflect a bit and remember how lucky us Canucks are. We don't have to worry about being bombed when we step outside our door (although in T.O. they may argue otherwise...), we enjoy relatively free health care, our PM for the most part seems to have his head screwed on right and knows how to pronounce most words in the English dialect, our dollar is rising, we have Timmies (thank you Iced Cap), we have trees, lakes, mountains, wildlife and a multitude of different cultures to make up our population which is probably what makes us such a gosh-darn friendly country.
This week-end us Canucks get to celebrate our awesome country and be thankful for our quality of life and a few days after that our neighbours to the south get to celebrate their country. I'd argue that Canada is waaaaay better than the States but then again, I'm a bit partial. They'd probably argue that they're better than us but what it really comes down to is this: Who has the better beer? Us Canucks. Game over. HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!

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