Monday, July 17, 2006

Well, where are they?

(Please insert sheepish grin here)
So I know I promised some camping sketches and, clearly, the picture to your left is not a camping sketch. Perhaps I should explain...

You see, the trip started out innocently enough as the other half and I are driving along and we have to make a turn off to get to the park. Me, being the excellent navigator that I am, followed the map...without realizing that the map was from 1997. A little out-dated to say the least. Anyway, after driving around in the heat and getting a little grumpy we finally stopped and asked for directions and got back on our merry way. We arrived at the park at about 4:30 and checked in and set up our stuff. Keep in mind that this week-end was extremely hot, around 31 celsius and with the humidity it made it feel more like 40 celsius. 'Gadzooks, that's hot!' you say and I say 'No flipping kidding!'
Anyway, after a few beers and a big fat hamburger we just decided to veg out by the campfire. As we were sitting there a young couple, looked like university students, shows up and begins setting up there stuff. Some cursing ensues (you can tell they're rookies at the whole tent set-up thing) and we chuckle and just watch the show. Then a couple of hours later another couple shows up to keep them company...and provide us with entertainment again. These young folks were entertaining until about 1:30 in the morning when they still hadn't gone to bed and were getting louder. Good thing my coloured pencils hadn't been sharpened or there would've been trouble...
Anyway, long story short it rained for half of the second day we were there, I was tired, the other half got sun stroke or something while out fishing and all in all it wasn't the best trip. I did get some really nice pictures though that I'm going to use for a few pictures so sometime soon I should have some stuff to share but in the meantime the pic above is of my horsey WIP. I have to give it to the person this week-end so I need to get cracking tonight and get a big chunk of it done. I'll try and remember to take a picture of the different stages but the next time you see it, dear reader, it may be close to done or just plain ole' done.
Thanks for being patient with me..I need it. :)

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