Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oops, I forgot...

It would seem that in my excitement of getting ready for camping that I forgot to take an update picture of my horsey. I'll wipe the egg off my face now.
On much more organized art news I've been juried into another big show up north. By "up north" I mean the Kawarthas. An area very, very fond to me since my parents used to have a cottage up there, "Little Yellow" and the "Eternal Fixer-Upper". Also, it's just really picturesque up there...good times. That brings me to the picture I'm sharing with you before I go on hiatus until next week. It's called "Sunset Over Big Island (Buckhorn)" and the reference picture used was taken from the Eternal Fixer-Upper kitchen window. Imagine having that view every evening as you're eating your dinner!
So at any rate I get to return to this wonderful area over the Labour Day long week-end for the Kawartha Arts Festival. It promises to be interesting I'm sure...
So, dear reader, I'm signing off for this week with fond memories of cottaging and an excitement for tomorrow and the big camping trip and the smells of trees and campfires...oh, and bug spray.

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