Monday, July 31, 2006

We Thought You Were Dead?!

Alas, it is not so, dear reader. The last two weeks have been organizational and familial Hell. The show at Bon Echo has come and gone, I'll regail you with stories later, and a relative has fallen extremely ill right on cue with the chaos that ensues with summer.
First, I apologize for the lack of updates which is where the ill relative comes into play. I won't go into details other than to say it is an elderly relative who lives about 2 1/2 hours away and failed to mention that he's been living with cancer for about a year. Things have gone downhill...and fast, so the past two weeks have been spent trying to get him into appropriate care closer to my immediate family. So there you go...
Secondly, and on a happier note, I had my show at Bon Echo this past week-end and although I didn't come home with truckloads of moolah I did sell some things, mostly gift cards, as well as some ACEO's and an 8x10 original which I have posted off to the side there. He's called "The Sunbather" and was quite the popular little fellow. I also met a bunch of super friendly and helpful people. The green-ness of doing art shows must ooze from me since people were offering up advice, tips and hints left, right and centre even without me mentioning that I was new to this whole art festival/ show thing. I must give my kudos to the good people at the Friends of Bon Echo for putting together a great show and an awesome dinner afterwards on the first night (I really think a cookbook is in order).
On more art related news I also sold another work through the Belleville Art Association, another group that works very hard for its members. The chaos that ensued yesterday morning when I went to go pick-up my work was not worrisome but more amusing than anything else. I won't say anything more than that.
I've also been asked by a local television station to do an interview for a new program they're staring in the fall featuring local artists, musicians, writers, performers, etc. I agreed to participate so we'll see what comes of that as well.
All in all while it has been a hectic month I must say that July has been good for art. I'm tired and need to rest for the next show in September over the Labour Day long week-end. I also need to get more artwork together. I've lived through my first outdoor art show, surely I can weather another one. Maybe...

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